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Cori Knutsen

Cori Knutsen


Touchpoints at Chestnut was chosen as one of the U.S. News Best Short Term Rehabilitation Nursing Homes of 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21

Dear Residents and Family Members,

Please use this link to view and sign up for available indoor visits with your loved one at Touchpoints at Chestnut through SignUp Genius. [NOTE: Residents admitted to isolation must complete the two week quarantine before being able to schedule an indoor visit. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled visit for check-in and COVID testing. Appropriate personal protective equipment such as masks will be utilized by both parties during the visit.]

It is my pleasure and honor to introduce you to Touchpoints at Chestnut! Our care center offers a variety of clinical programs to meet your individual needs and is proud to be a Five Star rated, US News and World Report Best Nursing Home for three years in a row (2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21).  We are a 60 bed facility that reflects a quaint Victorian bed-and-breakfast style home. Our rehabilitation unit includes individual HD televisions, private phones, recessed closets, and recently re-done floors.

We offer the Touchpoints Therapy Program, which is available to those who are recovering from an orthopedic procedure, or in need of cardiac recovery, pulmonary rehab, general medical or other post surgical care, wound care, intravenous (IV) therapy, pain management and more. Touchpoints’ Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists provide services seven days a week in our recently renovated Rehabilitation Gym.

Touchpoints at Chestnut is part of the Saint Francis Hospital - Trinity Health of New England Network a program partner of Hartford HealthCare Integrated Care Network and partners with many community and hospital networks to provide consistent care from your hospital stay until the time you are discharged home. The clinical staff at our facility is well trained and delivers the most current and highest level standard of care.  Continue reading

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All the latest news, discussion, and updates from the iCare & Touchpoints Rehab team.

  • To celebrate its hardworking staff, the team at Touchpoints at Chestnut threw an Employee Appreciation Day. No better way to show appreciation than serving some delicious food. The spread was mainly East Indian cuisine prepared by Dunns River, a Jamaican Restaurant in Hartford. The event was a big success and an excellent way to kick off the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. Chestnut’s Dwayne Mullings, Cori Knutsen and Jennifer Oliveira served the staff.
  • During the month of November, the home care and hospice community honors the millions of nurses, home care aides, therapists, and social workers who make a remarkable difference for the patients and families they serve. These heroic caregivers play a central role in our health care system and in homes across the nation. According to the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) website, to recognize their efforts, we call upon all Americans to commemorate the power of caring, both…
  • On November 11, 2021 the team at Touchpoints at Manchester took a moment to celebrate a big achievement: the care center’s return to Five Star designation with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)! According to the CMS website, CMS created the Five-Star Quality Rating System to help consumers, their families, and caregivers compare nursing homes more easily and to help identify areas about which they want to ask questions. The Nursing Home Compare Web site features a q…
  • Celebrations of service, gatherings and group recognitions are beginning to reemerge and are more important than ever. This is especially true when the purpose is to celebrate our nation’s Veterans, their service and their sacrifice. On behalf of iCare Health Network, our care centers and entire staff, we would like to honor all of our nation’s veteran’s for all that they gave in service of our country.  There are dozens of veterans in every iCare facility as staff members, re…
  • Many Halloween and Fall-related events were taking place around the iCare Health Network.  Trinity Hill Care Center held an absolutely wild decorating contest among the staff and residents of the different units, creating a totally interactive haunted house.  Touchpoints at Manchester took their residents to the pumpkin patch with the hope of a glimpse of The Great Pumpkin. The surprise instead was the grand return of Touchpoints at Manchester’s status as a Five Star nursing center. (Con…
  • On October 22nd the team at Touchpoints at Bloomfield hosted their 1st Annual National Breast Cancer Awareness Walk in the care center’s parking lot.  The venue enabled Touchpoints to keep the residents close and safe while enabling their participation and getting fresh Fall air in the process. According to Cindy Payne, the Director of Therapeutic Recereation for Touchpoints at Bloomfield, the walk organizer and a breast cancer survivor herself, “It was a huge success. October as…
“I recently spent two weeks recovering as a result of COVID-19. I would like to say thank you to all of the nurses that attended to my recovery. They are highly trained and skilled. They are respectful and professional. In addition, the kitchen staff are very professional as well and the food was good. (I cleaned every plate). Also my advocate and the front office personnel were very helpful in answering my questions. The physical rehabilitation team were excellent in my physical progress. They were very knowledgeable and caring in helping me to regain health. Thank you Nathalie and your great staff. Thank you one and all.”
~ Dvid Paradis (April 2021)
“I would like to commend Touchpoints Rehab for the quality of its physical therapy program, both the excellent therapists and the superior quality of the equipment available. Both contributed to my recovery. Your therapists have an outstanding program for muscle development. I began to realize that the sequential development carried over to each new series of exercises. The machines used for healing are certainly top quality. I haven't had them elsewhere. Diathermy and electrical stimulation definitely added to the rate and quality of healing. I am glad I was lucky enough to heal here.”
~ Carolyn Doyle (September 2019)
“I was very pleased with the care the staff gave me during the three months I was there. The nursing staff was pleasant and concise and they seemed very knowledgeable. The physical therapy trainers always pushed just hard enough and made physical therapy actually enjoyable. Thank you all so much. I would highly recommend. 5 stars.”
~ James Barth (June 2019)
“After a several day stay at St. Francis Hospital related to exacerbation of COPD, Dorothy did not wish to go directly home. She knew of Touchpoints at Chestnut and the reputation for caring for those with COPD and made the decision to come here. With the support at TAC she could accomplish her goal of going home. And so she will, with great appreciation for all at TAC. According to Dorothy, "The physical and occupational therapists are "The Greatest" Just to enter the rehab room is therapy—it is filled with fun, laughter, companionship and the road to good health. The nurses and the aides were all fantastic, so kind." In her three plus weeks with us, the care and therapy together have resulted in her happy and healthy return home, with new friends she has met in our short term rehab, to share the good days ahead.”
~ Dorothy Gledich (June 2019)
“I appreciated the communication that I had with the department heads and the director. Also, the head nutrition and nursing. They communicated very well with me when I needed to know something. I would like to recognize Holly and Suzane. They have a great rehab department. Stacey was phenomenal. She really loves what she does. I would like to recognize Novelin and Deserae.I would tell them the short term rehab is excellent.”
~ Patient EB (April 2019)
“They were very caring, thorough, and attentive. If you rang the bell, they were there. They had an excellent rehab center, and the people there were very well trained. If I had to back somewhere, I would choose them. I would like to recognize the girls in rehab. They were very caring, and it was actually fun to be around all of them. If I have to go again, I would go back there. I have been to others in the area, and I would choose them. The care is phenomenal there.It's probably the best rehab center I've ever been in, and I've been in a few. If I have to go back to a rehab center, without a doubt, that is where I want to. No question about it, that is where I would recommend. I would tell them that it’s the best place to go if you have to be in one of those places. Touchpoints is tops in their overall care and overall knowledge of rehab. It has a nice location, and it's quiet.”
~ Patient DS (March 2019)
“I liked it there. They did a lot for me and my roommate. It was pretty good. The people in the kitchen were wonderful. I miss Francis in the kitchen. The ladies in activities were fantastic. They always provided something for the residents to do. They even tried their best to go to all the residents' rooms to invite them. They even left the sweetest note for me in the discharge paperwork. It said: It was great to meet you and that you gave joining in activities a try. It was great to have you as a group member. Please come and join us in activities anytime.”
~ Pinnacle Customer Survey (March 2019)
“This place is excellent. The people, really everyone, was excellent. The ladies from physical therapy and the gym area were excellent. I really enjoyed going in the morning after breakfast and after lunch to try and do exercise. There were two ladies in the gym room but I can't remember their names. One lady was born in France. They helped me exercise a lot. They always welcomed me anytime. The food, all of it was 5 stars. I am a music teacher and when I got better after going to Chestnut, they showed me a room with a piano and for the next two weeks during the meal times I would play the piano. I really enjoyed this place. I would rate that 99%. They took care of me excellently. I would recommend them always. I am really happy with Touchpoints. I met really nice people and residents. The most important thing for me was to be able to play the piano for the residents. I said I will even come back to play music for them.”
~ Patient EK (August 2018)
“It was the best place in the world. All of them were kind and took care of me. I would rate them 100%. They were wonderful. I had so much fun there. I would eat and go out. I had a great time in the kitchen. I really liked it. I would recommend them there 100%. I would tell them they are the greatest place in the world. I wish I was still there. I would like to let the staff know they were great and I thank them for everything they have done for me.”
~ Patient JV (August 2018)
“Touchpoints was recommended by one of my co-workers. Her husband had been there, and they were both happy. They treated him very nice. If he needed anything they were pretty prompt about getting him what he needed. He liked the people in general. He said they were all personable. He also liked the food. He said it was very good. I was very happy with it because he was there for Thanksgiving and they invited me to have Thanksgiving dinner with him and it was excellent. It would be very likely that I would recommend them. I would tell them that the staff was excellent, the food was excellent, and my husband was very happy with his stay there.”
~ Patient JP (January 2017)
“When we arrived at Touchpoints at Chestnut we were greeted with warmth and enthusiasm. I really appreciated the character and warmth of Chestnut's Victorian building environment. The fact that Chestnut is a smaller more personal setting was attractive to us. Much of my decision on where to pre-book was based on the rehab team. My expectation was not for perfection but it was to be in an environment that was responsive, attentive and empathetic to patient and family needs and concerns. That expectation was met and exceeded at Touchpoints at Chestnut.”
~ Leon 'Skip' Cashwell
“She had some experience with Touchpoints previously, when she had fallen and needed to recuperate. When it was time for her to go somewhere more permanent, she wanted to go to Touchpoints. The facility is clean, and the staff is smart. There are two or three that are just outstanding. Everyone from Chris, the receptionist, to every other staff member are great.”
~ Spouse of Patient IE (September 2017)
“When I landed in the hospital unexpectedly, and it became apparent I would need some rehab to help me get stronger and learn to manage a life changing medical condition, my first and only choice was Touchpoints at Chestnut. I had been a TAC before for rehabilitation and had a wonderful experience. When people say the "extra mile" that describes my experience at TAC. I had been to another well known rehab facility in the past but they did not even come close to my experience at TAC last time and this time. My overall experience was wonderful. If I expressed even a small concern, it was immediately taken care of. The CNA staff, all shifts, are outstanding! They are kind, caring and attentive. They were always available for me. I wanted to thank each and everyone of the staff in person.”
~ Joan Cass (August 2017)
“The facility is smaller and feels more homely and comfortable. The staff all appear to know the patients on a personal level. It feels more personalized and less institutionalized than other facilities. They have a great recreation director. In the program, they encourage a lot of social interaction.”
~ Daughter of Resident MF (July 2017)
“I wanted her to go there because it is a very nice facility. I appreciate the way that they have taken care of her very well. I would recommend them for sure. It is great, and we have had a great experience.”
~ Daughter in Law of Resident VF (July 2017)
“I will miss all of the wonderful staff at Chestnut. I have loved working with the therapy department and I can't wait to come back to visit and see all of their friendly faces.”
~ Benjamin Sementilli
“During my stay at Chestnut I have been very happy in the beautiful homelike environment that Touchpoints has to offer. The rooms are very comfortable and beautiful. Most importantly I am thankful to have had such kind, understanding, and caring staff, who have helped me reach my goal of returning to my own home.”
~ Ella Chapman
“I am proud to say that I have been employed with Touchpoints at Chestnut for almost 10 years. As a cook I take great pride in each meal I prepare for our residents. I truly enjoy interacting with each resident during their meals.”
~ Francis Henry
“The staff is very caring. I find that I can go to anybody and get my questions answered. If I request them to do something or find something, they come right back to me with it. They work very hard to provide different programs along with the seasons. They bring in people in musical groups. They have craft groups. I believe there are religious times that are part of the program.”
~ Husband of Resident PC (December 2016)
“It is a marvelous place, as far as I am concerned. She loves the décor of the place as it reminds her of my aunt's home, as far as the style and age of it. I feel comfortable with her being there. They always have answers when I have questions. I cannot imagine anywhere better than Touchpoints.”
~ Husband of MH (November 2016)
“Everyone was great. I didn't have any issues. I thought the care was good, and I would go back if I had to. There was a mid-shift nurse there, Lynn Parentau. She stands out the most to me. She went above and beyond, and I felt very comfortable talking to her. They were all very pleasant, but she stands out. If I asked anyone a question, they would always get back to me with an answer. Overall, it is a great facility. If I had to go back there, I would.”
~ Patient SK (May 2017)
“I appreciate how well they treated the residents. I would recommend it to anyone. I would tell them that it's an excellent place to receive great care. If I need someone to help me, It's important that they do. Touchpoints did a great job at that, so please tell them to keep up the good work.”
~ Patient DJ (May 2017)
“We want to thank every one of you for the love and care you showed our Mom when she was with you. The nurses and CNAs were so attentive to her physical and personal needs, we never worried about her care. The kitchen, maintenance and laundry staff were always professional and offered smiles and pleasantries to our mother and family. Her room was cleaned thoroughly and with great care and consideration during our visits. You are doing more than just your jobs, you are impacting people's lives for the better.”
~ Family of Resident MF (July 2017)